63 AI Powered Tools to Elevate Your B2B Marketing Strategy

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ChatGPT is quite popular, but it’s not the only AI tool out there. In fact, there are many other AI tools that can be used to help with your day-to-day activities or professional work. There’s a list with around 63 AI tools, excluding ChatGPT, that can particularly benefit your B2B marketing. Below, we will provide a simplified summary of these tools, aiming to optimize your marketing efforts.

Harnessing AI’s capabilities for data analysis reveals streamlined and curated insights, reducing the time spent on preparation work.

1. Written content

AI will not replace great writers, but it can help them write faster and better. Here are some AI tools that top B2B writers use:


Grammarly is an AI-based proofreading tool that detects grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes in your writing. It also identifies inconsistent style and tone of voice issues, helping you achieve polished, professional, and engaging content.


Automatic is a tool that helps you change old content into new ideas. It’s an easy way to connect with your audience. Unlock additional value from each piece of content. Intelligently reuse, recycle, and repurpose to build an automated content machine.


Wordtune is an AI-driven writing companion that helps you improve and rewrite your sentences. It suggests alternative phrasing and sentence structures to make your content more clear, compelling, and original.


Pathfactory is designed for people in the B2B industry. It helps create unique customer journeys for your ideal customer. The aim is to make a better experience for B2B marketers and their customers.


The Hemingway Editor improves the clarity and readability of your written content. It uses AI to identify grammatical errors, passive voice, and complex sentence structures and offers suggestions to make your writing more concise and compelling.


Lex.page is a writing tool that uses AI to help you create content faster. It can make automatic drafts. It’s mostly used for writing articles and blogs. It works a bit like Google Docs with a live chat box and is powered by GPT-4.

2. Audio and video creation

AI has indeed provided the foundation for innovative multimodal content creation tools, particularly in the video and audio content market.


Kapwing’s AI Video Generator offers a user-friendly editor where you can describe the elements of your video in detail and select text styles, sizes, and duration of the video. It takes these inputs and generates a video accordingly.


InVideo is another tool that can leverage AI to make videos more appealing. It is well-praised for its wide range of templates that are customizable and easy to edit.


Descript is an all-in-one AI-powered tool developed for the video and podcast industry. Users can upload a full video or audio clip, and the AI goes to work identifying key moments that could resonate with your audience. These moments could then be repurposed for various social media uses. Descript also offers several other features for video and audio editing, including AI-powered transcription, screen recording, and speech creation.


Designs.AI by Inmagine is not just a video creation tool but a suite of AI-powered content creation including text, logos, and design elements for ads or brochures.


Deepzen offers AI voiceover options that produce a sound almost indistinguishable from human narration. This innovative tool allows high-quality voiceover production, without the need for a human voice actor.


Vidyard offers a selection of AI Video Editing Tools that are meant to assist in the creation of engaging and sophisticated videos, streamlining the editing process.

3. Create images

AI image creation tools have stirred both intrigue and debate, but they’ve also brought immense value and convenience to various industries, including B2B marketing. Some notable AI tools for generating and enhancing visuals are Dall-E 2, Midjourney, and Upscale.media.

Dall-E 2

Developed by OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, Dall-E 2 is a language-based image generator. This tool allows you to create images with just a single command, enabling you to tailor visuals to your specific content needs and intents.

DeepDream Generator

The DeepDream Generator uses Google’s DeepDream technology to turn your simple images into dream-like, psychedelic creations. The tool also features a community of users who share their creations.


Upscale.media is a user-friendly tool that enlarges small images without sacrificing their quality. This feature enables businesses to optimize images for various applications such as display ads, websites, and social media, confident that the images will retain their clarity.


Midjourney is an independent research lab that operates through Discord and runs on a language model. It focuses on merging design, human infrastructure, and AI, allowing users to experiment with image creation within Discord’s chat platform.

Runway ML

Runway ML is a creative toolkit powered by machine learning. Its features include style transfer, image synthesis, object detection, and more. Especially useful for designers and artists, it requires no coding skills.

4. Customer support

GPT-4-driven customer service models are rapidly improving, often delivering effective support that is comparable to human service.


Zendesk uses machine learning algorithms to automate ticket responses, recommend knowledge-based articles to customers, or suggest solutions to customer service representatives. It helps businesses boost response times and resolution rates.


The Conversational AI of Intercom uses machine learning to understand customer intent and provide personalized, automated responses. It offers customized support solutions around the clock.

Amazon Connect

A user-friendly contact center, Amazon Connect provides comprehensive customer assistance at an affordable rate. Its AI-backed workflows assure a personalized, human-like touch.


The Ada platform lets you build and manage an AI chatbot for customer support, even without coding skills. Ada’s bots can answer customer concerns in real-time, recognize when to escalate a ticket, and carry out simple, repetitive tasks efficiently.


LivePerson is proficient in shifting the conversation to WhatsApp, facilitating single customer management across various channels. The platform’s continuous optimization involves robust language models and real-time human expertise.


Chatfuel is an AI chatbot platform for Facebook Messenger. It can guide customers through their purchase journey, answer FAQs, and provide personalized support even when your team is off-duty.


Freshdesk provides an AI-powered chatbot named “Freddy” that can deliver quick, automated and personalized responses to customer queries. Freddy can also gather customer information and route complex queries to human support.


Mona, a machine learning monitoring system, acts as an insightful observer, pinpointing potential issues that customers may experience. This detailed comprehension of your AI deployments provides exhaustive insights into your customer lifecycle.

5. Email marketing

Effective email marketing can significantly boost your sales and foster a strong connection between your customers and your brand.

Seventh Sense

Targeting optimal performance and engagement, SeventhSense works without causing significant alterations to your existing email marketing approach. It integrates seamlessly with Hubspot and Marketo to stand out in cluttered inboxes.


Promising to augment your email open rate by 34% via automated strategies, Automizy aids in landing page creation for list-building, devising compelling emails with catchy subject lines, and predicting results with AI assistance.


This helps you turn website visitors into qualified leads through conversational email marketing. It leverages AI to engage customers in real-time and encourage them to take desired actions.


Through AI, iAgeTech gives you data-driven suggestions for improved email list segmentation, minimized unsubscribe rates, and enhanced conversions, even on a large scale. The tool underscores the role of human expertise in design and implementation, bolstered by AI.


Renowned for its user-friendly interface, it uses AI to provide recommendations on optimal sending time, audience segmentation, and personalized product recommendations.

6. Pay Per Click Marketing

AI continues to play an influential role in several facets of marketing, often in ways that may not seem immediately noticeable, such as facial recognition and autocorrect features. However, some applications are more prominent and constitute notable advancements in the field.


Acquisio provides an AI-driven solution designed to optimize bids and budget management. It’s good for businesses managing numerous PPC accounts and campaigns.


Adext uses AI to automate the management and optimization of your ads on platforms like Google and Facebook. It adjusts budgets in real time to the ads and audiences that are performing best.


Optmyzr uses AI and machine learning to provide data insights and automation opportunities, helping to reduce time on PPC setup and management tasks while driving improved performance.


Celtra allows you to develop diverse creative platforms suited for significant, efficient multivariate testing. Whether scaling digital promotions or constructing digital ad suites, this tool is engineered for growing businesses intending to maintain their unique brand voice and foster creativity during expansion phases.


Portraying itself as a ‘Codeless AI Infrastructure for Marketing’, Pixis is crafted to aid you in creating memorable ads. It utilizes data to optimize ad performance across multiple platforms, ensuring your brand voice stays consistent wherever your posts appear.


Wordstream Advisor uses AI to provide performance insights and recommendations for your ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Bing. It helps businesses improve their PPC marketing performance and manage ads more efficiently.

7. Sales

Sales AI is often associated with well-known industry players such as Salesforce and Gong. However, with the advancements in AI, numerous competitors are emerging with innovative offerings. Here are a couple of these AI tools that could significantly inform and enhance your sales processes:


Gong.io uses AI to analyze sales calls and meetings, identifying successful patterns and behaviors from your sales team. This knowledge can then be used to improve prospect interactions and close more deals.


This tool employs AI to automate forecasting and generating systems that encourage growth. By increasing productivity and fostering a stronger sales pipeline, Outreach.io centers its approach around building relationships with your customers. It offers a personalized roadmap that helps forge connections across all stages of the sales funnel.


Clari uses AI to provide forecasting and deal assessments, making it easier to predict who will be a good prospect and prioritizing the most meaningful opportunities.


Getrev.ai transforms traditional customer acquisition strategies into meticulous, data-driven practices. This tool aids in effectively growing your sales pipeline by highlighting the commonalities among your best customers. This precision and scientific approach to customer acquisition can lead to more targeted and efficient ways to expand your clientele.

8. SEO

Indeed, SEO proves to be an invaluable asset when effectively put into practice. However, as it’s often seen as a specialized field, many prefer to leave it in capable, expert hands, which is where AI steps in.

With AI filtering playing a more significant role in searches, utilizing the right tools can ensure your spot in top search engine rankings and enable you to obtain tangible results. Alli AI Alli AI is a set of comprehensive SEO tools that use AI to simplify keyword and market research, analyze backlinks, and help you understand what your competitors are doing right.


Picking keywords aimlessly can be detrimental. Keywordinsights.ai comes to the rescue by assisting you in choosing powerful keyword clusters and pillar topics. By automating your content strategy, all that’s left for you is to be primed for writing. Clearscope Clearscope uses AI to analyze top-performing content in your niche to give you keyword recommendations that can help you rank higher in search results.


SurferSEO encourages you to leverage and optimize your existing content for pervasive reach and growth. You can either upload your pre-existing content or use SurferSEO’s in-built content crafting feature. This allows you to compose your articles confidently, as the tool manages keyword optimization on your behalf.


Relax and let AI handle the legwork of keyword and intent signal research. BrightEdge offers solutions specifically devised for B2B marketers, enabling you to concentrate on leading thought spheres and generating high-caliber leads at a large scale.


Does your website require structured data? WordLift assists you in discerning your audience, identifying the messages you’re conveying, and understanding how they’re received. By developing internal links through basic content analysis, this tool customizes your SEO approach to establish a methodical and cohesive strategy across your website.

9. Social media

Below are some AI Powered social media tools:

Rad AI

Rad AI provides detailed customer profiles, equipping you with an intimate understanding of your audience. Subsequently, it employs generative AI-powered tools to enhance your marketing efforts through optimized language, strong words, and keywords, all fine-tuned to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Unmetric Unmetric has an AI-powered platform that provides you with insights about competitors’ social media strategy, helping you to create more engaging content and refine your own social media strategy.


Prominent across industries, Sprinklr, one of the few AI tools offering a free version, analyzes customer interactions and data points. It assists brands in turning consumer data into actionable insights in real time. Moreover, it includes a social listening tool, empowering you to comprehend customer feedback effectively and identify potent market trends and unaddressed customer needs.


Lately uses AI to automatically generate social media posts from your content, allowing you to consistently keep your social media updated with new, engaging posts.


Tender.AI, designed specifically for the B2B landscape, discerns and scrutinizes the solutions that your perfect buyers are searching for on social platforms. Once it identifies your current primary pain points, this tool interacts directly with your prospects’ messages, initiating a relationship that could potentially result in a conversion.


Coined the ‘King of AI Tweet generation’, Tribescaler, with its catchy slogan ‘Make your Tweet go viral,’ optimizes your content effectively. Its focus lies in developing captivating hooks that instantly draw attention.


Buffer’s AI capabilities help you optimize your post scheduling by identifying the best times to publish content based on your followers’ activity. It’s ideal for those managing multiple social media accounts.


Similar to Tribescaler but designed for LinkedIn, Taplio supports you in recognizing trends, crafting quality content, and expanding your online visibility. Additionally, it offers scheduled posts, making it an ideal tool for LinkedIn savants aiming to escalate their professional presence.

10. Data and Analytics

Attention Insight

This tool seems really useful for refining content before it goes live. The predictive eye-tracking feature can provide valuable perspective on how a viewing audience might interact with landing pages, ads, and more.

AWS Quicksight

As a tool specifically built for companies that place high importance on data, being able to analyze that data using a natural language model similar to ChatGPT makes AWS Quicksight a powerful tool for gaining actionable insights.


The main advantage of Scale.com is its ability to streamline the entire data lifecycle, from management to the machine learning experiences. This could potentially speed up the development and application of AI within a company, aiding in the growth of the company.


The platform’s unique selling proposition is its predictive analysis of company-specific sales, marketing, and product data, which could pose a game-changer for companies focusing on product-led growth. There’s potential for achieving amplified growth with MadKudu.


VWO appears to have moved past traditional A/B testing, allowing for the testing of multiple variables at once – a powerful feature that can provide comprehensive insights and help deliver optimized results.

11. Public relations

These tools assist in enhancing your communication strategies, allowing your team to effortlessly excel in their roles.


CoverageBook uses AI to simplify the PR coverage reporting process. It automatically pulls in online articles and social media posts onto a dashboard, measures key performance indicators like online readership and estimated coverage views, and generates beautiful reports. It saves PR practitioners the countless hours spent on tracking, screen grabbing, and linking.


With Beautiful.ai, humdrum presentations become relics of the past. Utilize this tool to craft awe-inspiring, seamless presentations with ease.


Looking to gain an element of surprise with early trend detection? Equipped with Meltwater, consider yourself delegated to the league of top secret agents in the world of media. This tool empowers you with insider trend awareness even before they become mainstream.


Cision offers a comprehensive PR and media relations platform. By leveraging AI, it provides accurate media monitoring and engagement, detailed performance analytics and helps streamline PR workflows.

In conclusion, AI-powered tools have revolutionized digital marketing across various channels such as email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, sales, social media, and search engine optimization. These tools enable businesses to optimize their marketing efforts by automating time-consuming tasks, personalizing user experiences, and leveraging data-backed insights.

By adopting AI technology, organizations can stay ahead of the competition, make informed decisions, and ultimately enhance their overall marketing performance. Investing in AI-driven marketing solutions is now essential for businesses looking to create a robust and effective digital marketing strategy that delivers results in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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